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Pit River


Pit River, NE Calif.; begins at joining of North and South forks of Alturas, W of Warner Mts., in E central Modoc co.; flows in a serpentine course generally WSW past Fall River Mills to Sacramento River in Shasta Lake reservoir (in Shasta Unit of Whiskeytown-Shasta-Trinity Natl. Recreation Area) 12 mi/19 km N of Redding. Lower 15 mi/24 km of river forms prominent E arm of Shasta L. South Fork rises in Moon L. in NE Lassen co., 28 mi/45 km SSE of Alturas, flows generally NNW c.40 mi/64 km to Alturas. North Fork rises 15 mi/24 km NNE of Alturas 5 mi/8 km S of Goose L., flows c.20 mi/32 km SSW to Alturas; prehistoric outflow of Goose L.

Tributaries of the Pit River
Alturas North Fork
Alturas South Fork

Outflows of the Pit River
Sacramento River