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Arkansas Rivers


River Name Length (miles)
Alum Fork Saline River
Antoine River
Arkansas River 1,450 Miles
Bennetts River
Black River
Buffalo River
Cache River
Caddo River
Cossatot River
Current River
Devils Fork Little Red River
Driver Creek
Duck River
East Fork Little Buffalo River
East Fork Poteau River
East Prong White River
Eleven Point River
Fourche LaFave River
Fourche River
Gwin River
L'Anguille River
Left Hand Chute of Little River
Little Black River
Little Buffalo River
Little Cossatot River
Little Maumelle River
Little Missouri River
Little North Fork White River
Little Petit Jean River
Little Red River 105 Miles
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little Strawberry River
Maumelle River
Middle Fork Little Red River
Middle Fork Saline River
Middle Fork White River
Middle Old River
Mississippi River 2,350 Miles
Mulberry River
North Fork Ouachita River
North Fork River 100 Miles
North Fork Saline River
North Fork Saline River
North Fork South Fork Ouachita River
Old Boeuf River
Old Channel Cache River
Old Channel Little River
Old River
Old River
Old River
Old River
Old River
Old River
Old White River
Ouachita River 600 Miles
Petit Jean River
Red River 1,290 Miles
Redmond Old River
Right Hand Chute Little River
River Creek
Saint Francis River
Saline River
Saline River
South Fork Caddo River
South Fork Little Red River
South Fork Ouachita River
South Fork Saline River
South Fork Saline River
South Fork Spring River
South Fourche LaFave River
Spring River
Strawberry River
Sulphur River
Tyronza River
Warm Fork Spring River
West Cache River Slough
West Fork White River
Whisnant Old River
White River 690 Miles
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State Population: 2,966,369
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