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Minnesota Rivers


River Name Length (miles)
Ahmik River
Ann River
Armstrong River
Artichoke River
Ash River
Ball Club River
Baptism River
Basswood River
Battle River
Baudette River
Bear Island River
Bear River
Bear River
Bear River
Bear River Creek
Beartrap River
Beaver River
Beaver River
Beaver River
Big Fork River
Birch River
Black Duck River
Black River
Black River
Blackduck River
Blackhoof River
Blue Earth River
Blueberry River
Bois de Sioux River
Bottle River
Boulder River
Bowstring River
Boy River
Brule River
Buffalo River
Burntside River
Cannon River
Caribou River
Cascade River
Cat River
Chippewa River
Chub River
Clearwater River
Clearwater River
Cloquet River
Cobb River
Cottonwood River
Credit River
Crocodile River
Cross River
Cross River
Cross River
Crow River
Crow Wing River
Dahlgren River
Dark River
Dead Moose River
Dead River
Dead River
Deer River
Deer River
Deer River
Devil Track River
Dumbbell River
Dunbar River
Dunka River
East Branch Baptism River
East Branch Beaver River
East Branch Blue Earth River
East Branch Chippewa River
East Branch Rat Root River
East Branch Rock River
East Branch Sturgeon River
East Branch Warroad River
East Fork Rapid River
East River
East River
East Savanna River
East Split Rock River
East Swan River
East Two River
East Two River
Echo River
Egg River
Elbow River
Elk River
Embarrass River
Encampment River
Fall River
First River
Fishhook River
Floodwood River
Flute Reed River
French River
Frost River
Gentilly River
Gooseberry River
Granite River
Greenwood River
Greenwood River
Grindstone River
Groundhouse River
Gull River
Gull River
Hill River
Hill River
Horse River
Hunting Shack River
Hustler River
Isabella River
Island River
Joe River
Johnson River
Kabekona River
Kabekona River
Kadunce River
Kawishiwi River
Kelso River
Kettle River
Kettle River
Knife River
Knife River
Knife River
Korb River
Lac qui Parle River
Langley River
Le Sueur River
Leaf River
Leech Lake River
Lester River
Little Ann River
Little Black River
Little Cannon River
Little Cannon River
Little Cedar River
Little Chippewa River
Little Cloquet River
Little Cobb River
Little Cottonwood River
Little Devil Track River
Little Elk River
Little Fork River
Little Gooseberry River
Little Hill River
Little Indian Sioux River
Little Iowa River
Little Isabella River
Little Joe River
Little Knife River
Little Knife River
Little Langley River
Little Le Sueur River
Little Manitou River
Little Marais River
Little Minnesota River
Little Mississippi River
Little Net River
Little Nokasippi River
Little Partridge River
Little Pine River
Little Pony River
Little River
Little Rock River
Little Stewart River
Little Sucker River
Little Swan River
Little Tamarac River
Little Tamarack River
Little Two River
Little Whiteface River
Little Whiteface River
Little Willow River
Little Willow River
Long Island River
Long Prairie River
Loon River
Lost River
Lost River
Lost River
Lost River
Lost River
Louse River
Lower Stump River
Lower Tamarack River
Manitou River
Maple River
Marsh River
McCarty River
Middle Branch Blue Earth River
Middle Branch Root River
Middle Branch Rush River
Middle Branch Two Rivers
Middle Fork Crow River
Middle Fork Whitewater River
Middle Fork Zumbro River
Middle River
Midway River
Minnesota River
Moose Horn River
Moose River
Moose River
Moose River
Moose River
Moose River Flowage
Mud River
Mud River
Mustinka River
Necktie River
Net River
Nett Lake River
Nina Moose River
Nokasippi River
North Branch Battle River
North Branch Cascade River
North Branch Grindstone River
North Branch Middle Fork Zumbro River
North Branch Rapid River
North Branch Root River
North Branch Rush River
North Branch Sunrise River
North Branch Two Rivers
North Branch Upper Iowa River
North Branch Whiteface River
North Branch Yellow Medicine River
North Cannon River
North Cormorant River
North Fork Crow River
North Fork Watab River
North Fork Watonwan River
North Fork Whitewater River
North Fork Willow River
North Fork Yellow Bank River
North Fork Zumbro River
North River
North Turtle River
North Two River
Old Channel Zumbro River
Onion River
Otter River
Otter Tail River
Oyster River
Paleface River
Partridge River
Partridge River
Pelican River
Pelican River
Perent River
Phoebe River
Pigeon River
Pigeon River
Pike River
Pine River
Pine River
Pine River
Pine River
Platte River
Pomme de Terre River
Poplar River
Poplar River
Popple River
Portage River
Portage River
Portage River
Potato River
Prairie River
Prairie River
Rabbit River
Rabbit River
Rainy River
Range River
Rapid River
Rapid River
Rat Root River
Red Lake River
Red River
Redeye River
Redwood River
Reservation River
Rice River
Rice River
Rice River
Ripple River
Root River
Roseau River
Royal River
Rum River
Rush River
Saint Croix River 164 Miles
Saint Francis River
Saint Louis River
Sand Hill River
Sand River
Sand River
Sandy River
Sandy River
Sauk River
Schoolcraft River
Sea Gull River
Shagawa River
Shannon River
Shell River
Shingobee River
Skunk River
Skunk River
Snake River
Snake River
Snake River
Snake River
South Branch Battle River
South Branch Buffalo River
South Branch Grindstone River
South Branch Little Elk River
South Branch Manitou River
South Branch Middle Fork Zumbro River
South Branch Partridge River
South Branch Partridge River
South Branch Root River
South Branch Rush River
South Branch Snake River
South Branch Sunrise River
South Branch Two Rivers
South Branch Vermillion River
South Branch Whiteface River
South Branch Wild Rice River
South Branch Yellow Medicine River
South Brule River
South Cormorant River
South Fork Black River
South Fork Crow River
South Fork Groundhouse River
South Fork Nemadji River
South Fork Pine River
South Fork Rabbit River
South Fork Root River
South Fork Roseau River
South Fork Watab River
South Fork Watonwan River
South Fork Whitewater River
South Fork Willow River
South Fork Yellow Bank River
South Fork Zumbro River
South Kawishiwi River
South Two River
Split Rock River
Spring Branch Swan River
Steamboat River
Stewart River
Stony River
Straight River
Straight River
Stuart River
Stump River
Sturgeon River
Sturgeon River
Sunrise River
Swamp River
Swan River
Swan River
Swift River
Tait River
Talmadge River
Tamarac River
Tamarac River
Tamarack River
Temperance River
Temperance River
Thief River
Third River
Toad River
Tucker River
Turtle River
Turtle River
Two Island River
Two River
Two Rivers
Upper Tamarack River
Us-Kab-Wan-Ka River
Valley River
Vermilion River
Vermillion River
Vermillion River
Vern River
Wapsipinicon River
Warroad River
Watab River
Watonwan River
West Branch Baptism River
West Branch Beaver River
West Branch Blue Earth River
West Branch Cloquet River
West Branch Floodwood River
West Branch Kettle River
West Branch Knife River
West Branch Lac qui Parle River
West Branch Onion River
West Branch Rum River
West Branch Saint Francis River
West Branch Sunrise River
West Branch Warroad River
West Fork Baudette River
West Fork Black River
West Fork Groundhouse River
West Fork Moose Horn River
West Fork Prairie River
West Savanna River
West Split Rock River
West Swan River
West Two River
West Two River
White Earth River
Whiteface River
Whitewater River
Wild Rice River
Willow River
Willow River
Willow River
Wing River
Wing River
Winter Road River
Yellow Bank River
Yellow Medicine River
Zumbro River
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