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Wisconsin Rivers


River Name Length (miles)
Ahnapee River
Amnicon River
Apple River
Arrowhead River
Ashippun River
Bad Axe River
Bad River
Baraboo River
Bark River
Bark River
Bear River
Beaver Dam River
Big Eau Pleine River
Big Green River
Big Rib River
Big River
Black River
Black River
Black River
Black River
Blue River
Bois Brule River
Branch River
Brill River
Brule River
Brunet River
Brunsweiler River
Buffalo River
Center Fork New Wood River
Chetek River
Chippewa River
Clam River
Coney River
Copper River
Couderay River
Cranberry River
Crawfish River
Crystal River
Deerskin River
Devils River
Eagle River
Eagle River
East Branch Big Eau Pleine River
East Branch Eau Claire River
East Branch Fond Du Lac River
East Branch Lily River
East Branch Little Black River
East Branch Little Yellow River
East Branch Milwaukee River
East Branch Pecatonica River
East Branch Presque Isle River
East Branch Rock River
East Branch Shioc River
East Branch Yellow River
East Fork Black River
East Fork Bois Brule River
East Fork Chippewa River
East Fork Cranberry River
East Fork Flag River
East Fork Iron River
East Fork Lemonweir River
East Fork Moose River
East Fork New Wood River
East Fork Popple River
East Fork White River
East River
East River
East Torch River
East Twin River
Eau Claire River
Eau Claire River
Eau Claire River
Eau Galle River
Elk River
Embarrass River
Evergreen River
First South Branch Oconto River
Fisher River
Flag River
Flambeau River
Fond du Lac River
Fox River
Fox River
Grand River
Grant River
Hay River
Hunting River
Indian River
Iron River
Iron River
Jump River
Kakagon River
Kewaunee River
Kickapoo River
Killsnake River
Kinnickinnic River
Kinnickinnic River
Kohlsville River
La Crosse River
Lemonweir River
Lily River
Little Amnicon River
Little Baraboo River
Little Black River
Little Bois Brule River
Little Deerskin River
Little Eau Claire River
Little Eau Pleine River
Little Elk River
Little Grant River
Little Green River
Little Jump River
Little LaCrosse River
Little Lemonweir River
Little Manitowoc River
Little Menominee River
Little Menomonee River
Little Moose River
Little Oconomowoc River
Little Peshtigo River
Little Platte River
Little Plover River
Little Pokegama River
Little Popple River
Little Popple River
Little Rib River
Little Rice River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little Sioux River
Little Somo River
Little South Branch Pike River
Little Suamico River
Little Sugar River
Little Thornapple River
Little Thornapple River
Little Trappe River
Little Turtle River
Little West Branch Wolf River
Little Wolf River
Little Yellow River
Mad River
Manitowish River
Manitowoc River
Marengo River
Marengo River
Maunesha River
Mecan River
Meeme River
Menomonee River
Middle Branch Embarrass River
Middle Branch Peshtigo River
Middle Fork Copper River
Middle River
Milwaukee River
Mink River
Mississippi River 2,350 Miles
Mondeaux River
Montello River
Montreal River
Moose River
Moose River
Mukwonago River
Mullet River
Namekagon River
Nemadji River
Neshota River
New Wood River
North Branch Crawfish River
North Branch Embarrass River
North Branch Little Elk River
North Branch Little River
North Branch Little Wolf River
North Branch Manitowoc River
North Branch Milwaukee River
North Branch Oconto River
North Branch Pelican River
North Branch Pemebonwon River
North Branch Pensaukee River
North Branch Peshtigo River
North Branch Pigeon River
North Branch Pike River
North Branch Pine River
North Branch Pine River
North Branch Popple River
North Branch Prairie River
North Branch South Branch Little Wolf River
North Branch Suamico River
North Branch Trempealeau River
North Fork Bad Axe River
North Fork Buffalo River
North Fork Chief River
North Fork Clam River
North Fork Copper River
North Fork Eau Claire River
North Fork Jump River
North Fork Popple River
North Fork Spirit River
North Fork Thunder River
North Fork Trade River
North Fork Yellow River
Oconomowoc River
Oconto River
Onion River
Onion River
Ontonagon River
Ounce River
Pelican River
Pemebonwon River
Pensaukee River
Peshtigo River
Pewaukee River
Pigeon River
Pigeon River
Pigeon River
Pike River
Pike River
Piledriver Creek
Pine River
Pine River
Pine River
Pine River
Platte River
Plover River
Pokegama River
Poplar River
Popple River
Popple River
Potato River
Prairie River
Puchyan River
Raspberry River
Rat River
Rat River
Red Cedar River
Red River
Red River
Red River
Root River
Root River
Rubicon River
Rush River
Saint Croix River 164 Miles
Saint Germain River
Sand River
Scuppernong River
Second South Branch Oconto River
Sheboygan River
Shioc River
Sioux River
Siskiwit River
Somo River
South Branch Embarrass River
South Branch Kinnickinnic River
South Branch Little Popple River
South Branch Little Wolf River
South Branch Manitowoc River
South Branch Oconto River
South Branch Pemebonwon River
South Branch Peshtigo River
South Branch Pigeon River
South Branch Pike River
South Branch Popple River
South Branch Presque Isle River
South Branch Rock River
South Branch Suamico River
South Branch Trade River
South Branch Trempealeau River
South Branch Yellow River
South Branch Yellow River
South Fork Bad Axe River
South Fork Black River
South Fork Buffalo River
South Fork Clam River
South Fork Copper River
South Fork Eau Claire River
South Fork Flambeau River
South Fork Hay River
South Fork Jump River
South Fork Kinnickinnic River
South Fork Lemonweir River
South Fork Nemadji River
South Fork Popple River
South Fork Thunder River
South Fork White River
South Fork Willow River
South Fork Yellow River
Spirit River
Springville Branch Bad Axe River
Spruce River
Squirrel River
Straight River
Suamico River
Teal River
Thornapple River
Thunder River
Tomahawk River
Tomorrow River
Torch River
Totagatic River
Trade River
Trappe River
Trempealeau River
Trimbelle River
Trout River
Turtle River
Twin River
Upper Tamarack River
Vermillion River
Waupaca River
Wausaukee River
West Branch Baraboo River
West Branch Big Eau Pleine River
West Branch Eau Claire River
West Branch Fond Du Lac River
West Branch Little Black River
West Branch Little Sugar River
West Branch Little Yellow River
West Branch Milwaukee River
West Branch Peshtigo River
West Branch Pine River
West Branch Red River
West Branch Rock River
West Branch Shioc River
West Branch Suamico River
West Branch Sugar River
West Branch White River
West Branch Wolf River
West Fork Apple River
West Fork Bois Brule River
West Fork Chippewa River
West Fork Cranberry River
West Fork Kickapoo River
West Fork Little Rib River
West Fork Montreal River
West Fork Totagatic River
West Fork White River
West Torch River
West Twin River
White River
White River
White River
Willow River
Willow River
Wind River
Wisconsin River
Wolf River
Wolf River
Wood River
Yahara River
Yellow River
Yellow River
Yellow River
Yellow River
Yellowstone River
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