Boat Maintenance: CatHouse strikes again
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Name:   CAT BOAT The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   CatHouse strikes again
Date:   1/16/2021 11:34:36 AM

First and Foremost, Thank you VERY MUCH for your business.  I enjoyed the chat very much.  And, what I told you was that old engine runs well, it was just worn out, and with a tune up, it would STILL be a worn out engine that runs well.  Welcome to the world of EFI.  I am sure you will enjoy your new Yamaha 115 SHO.  In the year 2020 we re-powered 64 boats with Yamaha Outboards and made many folks happy.  It will offer good dependable and reliable ownership. It was nice to meet ZMAN here as well.  Folks on this Forum are mighty good to us, and it is appreciated very much.  God Bless.  

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