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Name:   MrHodja The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Prop Recommendation
Date:   4/6/2022 10:11:20 PM

Downside is it is not EFI, so we may be limited there unless it can be upgraded from two to four barrel or maybe to throttle body injection.  I believe it is ok just as-is, but one always looks for a little tweak here or there.  No, the aluminum prop is not cupped, and it may well be that a quality stainless prop, same diameter and pitch, would be all we need.  The seller gave me a nice stainless 19 pitch prop, but said the engine over-revved when he used it.  Aluminum one is 21 pitch and has no problem reaching max RPM.  Interesting info about torque, though.  Maybe four blades would be a waste of money. 

At the moment there might be a clogged low speed jet, as pushing straight to full throttle from idle chokes down the engine, while a gradual advance of the throttle sees no hesitation at all.  May be that the effect of starting out with last year's gas hasn't been overcome.  Filled up with almost 20 gallons fresh gas in a 37 gallon tank at Kowaliga Marina and motored from there to Anchor Bay and back to Parker Creek, but the hesitation is still there.  My older son is a gearhead an has some recommendations that I can try.

Thanks for the feedback.

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