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Red River

Length: 1290 miles (2,076 kilometers)

The Red River is the most southern of the large tributaries of the Mississippi River. It is generally referred to as Red River from the point where Prairie Dog Town Fork emerges from the Texas Panhandle to join Oklahoma–Texas border. The main river is approximately 800 miles long. It rises in two branches in the Texas Panhandle and flows southeast between Texas and Oklahoma and between Texas and Arkansas to Fulton, Arkansas. It then turns south, enters Louisiana, and crosses southeast to the Atchafalaya and the Mississippi rivers. In Texas, it flows rapidly through a canyon in the semiarid plains, but later in its course, it spreads water into rich red-clay farm lands (from the name Red comes). Dams on the river include the Denison Dam (completed 1943), which impounds Lake Texoma, one of the largest reservoirs in the United States. For many years navigation was difficult on the lower course of the Red River due to fallen trees that floated downstream and collected behind obstructions, forming rafts. The Great Raft, a 160-mile log-jam built through the centuries, was cleared from the river in the mid-1800s. The river is now navigable for small ships to maneuver above Natchitoches, Louisiana. There are many lakes along the lower part of the river, and reservoirs serve as flood-control units on its tributaries

Lake Nocona is located on Farmers Creek, about eight miles northeast of Nocona off FM 2634 in northeastern Montague County, Texas.

****************** NOTICE ******************
Due to low water level at this lake, some boat ramps are closed. Canoes and other small boats may launch from the bank. ***************...

    Full Pool: 827.0 MSL     Area: 1,323 Acres

Lake Crook is located 5 miles north of Paris City in Lamar County, Texas on Pine Creek, a tributary of the Red River. Work began in 1922 constructing Crook Dam and Lake Crook. RESERVOIR CONTROLLING AUTHORITY City of Paris (903) 784-9299 The lake acts as a supplemental source to the main supply from Pat Mayse Reservoir, a larger r...
    Full Pool: 477.0 MSL     Area: 1,226 Acres

Electra Lake is located approximately seven miles southwest of Electra in Wichita County, Texas. The dam and lake were built in 1950 for water supply and flood control on Camp Creek (in Wilbarger County), a tributary of Beaver Creek which is a tributary of Wichita River. The reservoir was designed by Freese and Nichols Inc. and owned by the Cit...
        Area: 731 Acres