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Roanoke River

Length: 410 miles (660 kilometers)

The Roanoke River in Virginia and North Carolina rises along the borders of east Montgomery, west Roanoke and northeast Floyd counties and is formed by the joining of North and South forks of Roanoke River east of Christiansburg in southwest Virginia. It flows in a circular course, briefly northwest, then east past Salem and Roanoke, through the Blue Ridge Mountains, generally southeast through Smith Mountain Lake and Leesville Lake reservoirs, through Bugg Island Lake (Kerr Reservoir), Lake Gaston reservoir (where it enters northeast North Carolina), and Roanoke Rapids Lake reservoir. It then flows past Roanoke Rapids City, Williamston, and Plymouth, turns briefly northease and enters Batchelor Bay section of Albemarle Sound, arm of Atlantic Ocean - 7 miles northeast of Plymouth and just south of the mouth of Chowan River in Virginia - also known as Staunton River - navigable for small crafts.

Smith Mountain Lake is a large reservoir in the Roanoke Region of Virginia[3], located southeast of the City of Roanoke and southwest of Lynchburg. The lake was created in 1963 by the Smith Mountain Dam impounding the Roanoke River. The majority of the south shore of the lake lies in Franklin County while a portion, including access to the dam, li...
    Full Pool: 795.0 MSL     Area: 20,400 Acres      Printed Smith Mountain Lake Map

Kerr Lake (officially John H. Kerr Reservoir, also known as Bugg's Island Lake) is a reservoir along the border of the U.S. states of North Carolina and Virginia created by the John H. Kerr Dam. The dam construction started in 1947 and took 2,100+ workers in three shifts, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, more than four years to complete, and was fi...
    Full Pool: 300.0 MSL     Area: 48,900 Acres      Printed John H. Kerr Reservoir Map