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Sacramento River

Length: 380 miles (612 kilometers)

The Sacramento River is the longest river of California. It rises southwest of Mt. Shasta, c.35 mi/56 km SSE of Yreka, S Siskiyou co., north California and flows northeast for a short distance, then south, thorugh Shasta Lake, past Redding, Red Bluff, Colusa, and Sacramento. Then joins San Joaquin River south-southwest of Sacramento and continues jointly with San Joaquin as an estuary 10 mi/16 km W to Suisha Bay, an arm of San Francisco Bay, northeast of San Francisco, where it forms a large delta with the San Joaquin River. Its chief tributaries are the Pit, Feather, McCloud, and American rivers. Sacramento Deep Water Channel coincides with river’s lower c.20 mi/32 km, then parallels river to W, from Cache Slough N to West Sacramento, giving Sacramento city port access. The valley saw the great gold strike of 1848, and many of the cities on or near the river and its tributaries sprang up in the gold rush; Sacramento is the largest. This N part of the Central Valley of Calif. has been developed as a fertile agr. region. The Central Valley Project has been developed to use the waters of the Sacramento with greater efficiency, particularly in the fertile but dry San Joaquin (S) part of the Central Valley. Shasta Dam on the Sacramento is a major unit of the project; it also generates electricity. Irrigated farming through much of river’s course, from Redding S.

Shasta Lake is a reservoir in Shasta County, California, United States. It is within the Whiskeytown–Shasta–Trinity National Recreation Area, operated by the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. It is also popularly known as "Lake Shasta". It is impounded by Shasta Dam, the ninth tallest dam in the United States. Known as the keystone of the Central Va...
    Full Pool: 1,067.0 MSL     Area: 29,750 Acres      Printed Lake Shasta Map

Keswick dam acts as Shasta dam’s after-bay stabilizing the erratic water flow released through Shasta power plant. Keswick reservoir captures water diverted from the Trinity River through the trinity river division. Keswick power plant further generates power using Sacramento River. The CVP is a major water conservation developments extending from ...
    Full Pool: 601.6 MSL     Area: 6,380 Acres