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San Juan River

Length: 400 miles (644 kilometers)

Rises at Continental Divide in the San Juan Mountains to SW corner of Rio Grande co., SW Colo.; flows generally SW through Pagosa Springs, N.Mex., W through Navajo Reservoir, past Farmington and Shiprock, then NW through Navajo Indian Reservation, through extreme SW corner of Colo., into Utah (the Four Corners Area), continues W, forming N boundary of Navajo Indian Reservation, and S border of E extension of Glen Canyon Natl. Recreation Area. The lower 40 mi/64 km forms separate arms of L. Powell reservoir; joins Colorado R. 38 mi/61 km ENE of Page, Ariz., and Utah to L. Powell on the Colorado R. Navajo Dam, part of the upper Colorado R. storage project, is on the river, which is unnavigable. Its chief tributaries are the Animas, Los Pinos, La Plata, Piedra, and Mancos rivers. The San Juan is used for irrigation; vegetables, fruits, and grains are grown in the river valley in NW N.Mex.

Navajo Lake is a reservoir located mostly in Rio Arriba County, in northwestern New Mexico in the southwestern United States. Portions of the reservoir extend into Archuleta County in southern Colorado. The lake is part of the Colorado River Storage Project, which here manages the upper reaches of the San Juan River, storing and releasing water th...
    Full Pool: 6,085.0 MSL     Area: 15,600 Acres