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Tombigbee River

Length: 400 miles (644 kilometers)

The Tombigbee River in Mississippi and Alabama is formed by joining of the East Fork of Tombigbee River (rises in Prentiss County, northeast Mississippi, flows south past Fulton approximately 70 miles) and Oldtown Creek in north Monroe County in northeast Mississippi; flows south through Aberdeen Lake and Columbus Lake reservoirs, past Columbus, Mississippi. through Aliceville Lake reservoir on Mississippi-Alabama border, past Gainesville and Demopolis, Alabama. Here it receives the Black Warrior River from northeast above Demopolis Dam, and continues south through Cofferville Dam, past Jackson, joining the Alabama River approximately 30 miles North of Mobile to form the Mobile River. The Tombigbee is an important artery for manufactured goods. Dams and locks improve navigation on the river. The Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway was completed in 1985 to add an additional link between the Mississippi River System and the Gulf coast for barge traffic. The Waterway replaces the river’s original channel in its mid-course, parallels channel to the east in its upper course, above Aberdeen Lake.

Demopolis Reservoir is a 10,000-acre reservoir located near the City of Demopolis in Marengo County. Demopolis Lake is downstream of the towns of Eutaw in Greene County on the Warrior River and Gainesville on the Tombigee River. This reservoir is the second largest lake in the Black Warrior-Tombigbee system. The lake extends 48 miles upriver on the...
    Full Pool: 73.0 MSL     Area: 10,000 Acres

Coffeeville Reservoir is an 8,500-acre U.S. Army Corps of Engineers impoundment located on the Tombigbee River. Coffeeville Reservoir extends 97 miles from Demopolis, Alabama, to the dam, which is located approximately 3 miles from the town of Coffeeville. Boating access is available along the reservoir operated by the Corps of Engineers, Alabama W...
    Full Pool: 32.5 MSL     Area: 8,800 Acres

Tributaries of the Tombigbee River
Tennessee - Tombigbee Waterway

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