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White River

Length: 690 miles (1,110 kilometers)

Rises in the Boston Mts., NW Ark.; flows N into SW Mo., then generally SE through NE Ark. to the Mississippi R. Its chief tributaries are the Black and Little Red rivers. Near its mouth, the White is joined to the Arkansas R. by a cutoff on canal (for barge traffic from Arkansas to Mississippi rivers). The White is navigable for shallow-draft vessels c.300 mi/483 km upstream. Bull Shoals, Table Rock, and Beaver dams are major projects on the river. Bull Shoals L. (111 sq mi/288 sq km), on the Ark.-Mo. state line, is the largest reservoir. Narrow lake connects Table Rock and Bull Shoals reservoirs in Mo.

Beaver Lake is a man-made reservoir in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas and is formed by a dam across the White River. Beaver Lake has some 487 miles of natural shoreline. With towering limestone bluffs, natural caves, and a wide variety of trees and flowering shrubs, it is a popular tourist destination. Beaver Lake is the source of drinki...
    Full Pool: 1,121.0 MSL     Area: 28,220 Acres      Printed Beaver Lake Map

Bull Shoals Lake offers diverse wildlife species, varied fisheries, open waters for sailing and boating, picnic shelters and swimming areas, boat ramps, and scuba opportunities. Visitors enjoy these and many other recreational opportunities. The reservoir lies in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of northern Arkansas and southern Missouri. The woo...
    Full Pool: 659.0 MSL     Area: 45,440 Acres      Printed Bull Shoals Lake Map