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Massachusetts Rivers


River Name Length (miles)
Aaron River
Aberjona River
Acushnet River
Agawam River
Andrews River
Annisquam River
Artichoke River
Assabet River
Assonet River
Back River
Back River
Back River
Back River
Bass River
Bass River
Bear River
Blackwater River
Blue Hill River
Bluefish River
Boat Meadow River
Bourne Wharf River
Broad Marsh River
Buck River
Bumps River
Bungay River
Burnshirt River
Canoe River
Castle Neck River
Cedar Swamp River
Centerville River
Charles River
Chickley River
Chicopee River
Childs River
Chockalog River
Clam River
Cochato River
Cochichewick River
Cold River
Cole River
Concord River
Coonamessett River
Copicut River
Cotley River
Cranberry River
Crooked Meadow River
Crooked River
Deerfield River
Drinkwater River
Duck Hill River
Eagle Hill River
East Branch Green River
East Branch Housatonic River
East Branch Mill River
East Branch Neponset River
East Branch North River
East Branch Palmer River
East Branch Sippican River
East Branch Swift River
East Branch Tully River
East Branch Ware River
East Branch Westport River
East Brookfield River
East Meadow River
Eel River
Eel River
Egypt River
Essex River
Fall River
Fall River
Farm River
Fivemile River
Forest River
Forge River
Fort River
Fresh River
Green Harbor River
Green River
Green River
Green River
Green River
Herring River
Herring River
Herring River
Herring River
Herring River
Hockomock River
Indian Head River
Indian River
Ipswich River
Jones River
Jones River
Jones River Brook
Keene River
Kickamuit River
Konkapot River
Little Pamet River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little Wood Island River
Long Pond River
Mad River
Malden River
Manhan River
Marstons Mill River
Mashpee River
Matfield River
Mattapoisett River
Merrimack River
Middle Branch Swift River
Middle Branch Westfield River
Middle River
Miles River
Mill River
Mill River
Mill River
Mill River
Mill River
Mill River
Mill River
Mill River
Mill River
Mill River
Mill River
Millers River
Millers River
Millers River
Mitchell River
Monatiquot River
Monument River (historical)
Muddy River
Mumford River
Mystic River
Nasketucket River
Nemasket River
Neponset River
Nissitissit River
North Branch Hoosic River
North Branch Manhan River
North Branch Mill River
North Branch Millers River
North Branch Swift River
North Nashua River
North River
North River
North River
Old Swamp River
Otter River
Oyster Pond River
Pamet River
Parker River
Parkers River
Paskamanset River
Peters River
Pine Point River
Pines River
Plymouth River
Pocasset River
Pocasset River
Pocosset River
Powwow River
Prince River
Quaboag River
Quashnet River
Quequechan River
Quinapoxet River
Quinsigamond River
Quiquechan River
Red River
River Meadow Brook
Roger Island River
Rowley River
Rumford River
Runnins River
Salisbury Plain River
Santuit River
Satucket River
Saugus River
Sawmill River
Scusset River (historical)
Seapit River
Segreganset River
Sevenmile River
Sevenmile River
Shawsheen River
Shingle Island River
Shumatuscacant River
Sippican River
Skug River
Snake River
South Branch Mill River
South Fork Little River
South River
South River
Southwest Branch Housatonic River
Spicket River
Squannacook River
Still River
Stillwater River
Stop River
Stream River
Sudbury River
Swan Pond River
Swift River
Swift River
Taunton River
Threemile River
Tiasquam River
Town River
Tully River
Umpachene River
Wading River
Wankinco River
Ware River
Wareham River
Weir River
West Branch Charles River
West Branch Green River
West Branch Housatonic River
West Branch Mill River
West Branch North River
West Branch Palmer River
West Branch Sippican River
West Branch Swift River
West Branch Tully River
West Branch Ware River
West Branch Westfield River
West Branch Westport River
West River
Westfield River
Weweantic River
Weymouth Back River
Whitman River
Wild Harbor River
Williams River
Winnetuxet River
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