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Oregon Rivers


River Name Length (miles)
Alsea River
Ana River
Applegate River
Big River
Blue River
Breitenbush River
Bull Run River
Burnt River
Calapooia River
Chetco River
Chewaucan River
Clackamas River
Clatskanie River
Clearwater River
Coast Fork Willamette River
Collawash River
Columbia River 1,210 Miles
Coos River
Coquille River
Crooked River
Cultus River
D River
Dead River
Deschutes River
Devil River
Dog River
Donner und Blitzen River
Dry River
East Fork Collawash River
East Fork Coquille River
East Fork Grande Ronde River
East Fork Green River
East Fork Hood River
East Fork Illinois River
East Fork Marys River
East Fork Millicoma River
East Fork Nehalem River
East Fork Pistol River
East Fork Quinn River
East Fork Salmon River
East Fork Silvies River
East Fork South Fork Clackamas River
East Fork South Fork McKenzie River
East Fork South Fork Trask River
East Fork Wallowa River
East Fork Winchuck River
East Lostine River
East Prong Little Walla Walla River
Elk River
Fall River
Five Rivers
Gilbert River
Green River
Hood River
Illinois River
Imnaha River
John Day River
John Day River
Kilchis River
Kings River
Klamath River
Klaskanine River
Lake Fork West Owyhee River
Lewis and Clark River
Link River
Little Applegate River
Little Blitzen River
Little Chetco River
Little Clatskanie River
Little Deschutes River
Little Luckiamute River
Little Malheur River
Little Minam River
Little Nestucca River
Little North Fork Nehalem River
Little North Fork Wilson River
Little North Santiam River
Little Pudding River
Little River
Little River
Little Salmon River
Little Sandy River
Little Santiam River (historical)
Little South Fork Kilchis River
Little South Fork Lewis and Clark River
Little South Fork Smith River
Little Walla Walla River
Little Wallooskee River
Little Willamette River
Little Yaquina River
Long Tom River
Lostine River
Luckiamute River
Malheur River
Marys River
McKenzie River
Metolius River
Miami River
Middle Fork Burnt River
Middle Fork Coquille River
Middle Fork Hood River
Middle Fork Imhaha River
Middle Fork John Day River
Middle Fork North Fork Klaskanine River
Middle Fork North Fork Smith River
Middle Fork North Fork Trask River
Middle Fork Owyhee River
Middle Fork Rogue River
Middle Fork Sixes River
Middle Fork Willamette River
Middle Santiam River
Millicoma River
Minam River
Mohawk River
Molalla River
Necanicum River
Nehalem River
Nestucca River
New River
North Fork Alsea River
North Fork Breitenbush River
North Fork Bull Run River
North Fork Burnt River
North Fork Calapooia River
North Fork Chetco River
North Fork Clackamas River
North Fork Clatskanie River
North Fork Coquille River
North Fork Crooked River
North Fork Elk River
North Fork Imnaha River
North Fork John Day River
North Fork Kilchis River
North Fork Klaskanine River
North Fork Malheur River
North Fork Middle Fork Willamette River
North Fork Mohawk River
North Fork Molalla River
North Fork Necanicum River
North Fork Nehalem River
North Fork North Fork Klaskanine River
North Fork North Fork Trask River
North Fork North Powder River
North Fork of Middle Fork Imnaha River
North Fork Owyhee River
North Fork Pistol River
North Fork Salmonberry River
North Fork Siletz River
North Fork Siuslaw River
North Fork Sixes River
North Fork Smith River
North Fork Smith River
North Fork Sprague River
North Fork Trask River
North Fork Umatilla River
North Fork Walla Walla River
North Fork Wenaha River
North Fork Wilson River
North Fork Yachats River
North Minam River
North Powder River
North Santiam River
North Umpqua River
North Yamhill River
Oak Grove Fork Clackamas River
Owyhee River
Piledriver Creek
Pistol River
Powder River
Pudding River
Red River
Roaring River
Roaring River
Roaring River
Rogue River
Rogue River
Row River
Salmon River
Salmon River
Salmonberry River
Sandy River
Santiam River
Siletz River
Siltcoos River
Silvies River
Siuslaw River
Sixes River
Skipanon River
Smith River
Smith River
Snake River
South Fork Alsea River
South Fork Breitenbush River
South Fork Bull Run River
South Fork Burnt River
South Fork Chetco River
South Fork Clackamas River
South Fork Coos River
South Fork Coquille River
South Fork Crooked River
South Fork Elk River
South Fork Imnaha River
South Fork John Day River
South Fork Kilchis River
South Fork Klaskanine River
South Fork Lewis and Clark River
South Fork Little Nestucca River
South Fork Malheur River
South Fork McKenzie River
South Fork Middle Fork Imhaha River
South Fork Mohawk River
South Fork Necanicum River
South Fork Nehalem River
South Fork North Fork Breitenbush River
South Fork Pistol River
South Fork Pudding River
South Fork Roaring River
South Fork Rogue River
South Fork Salmon River
South Fork Salmonberry River
South Fork Siletz River
South Fork Siuslaw River
South Fork Sixes River
South Fork Smith River
South Fork Sprague River
South Fork Sycan River
South Fork Trask River
South Fork Umatilla River
South Fork Walla Walla River
South Fork Warm Springs River
South Fork Wenaha River
South Fork Wilson River
South Fork Youngs River
South Roaring River
South Santiam River
South Umpqua River
South Yamhill River
Sprague River
Spring River
Spring River
Sycan River
Three Rivers
Tillamook River
Trask River
Treat River
Tualatin River
Tumtum River
Umatilla River
Umpqua River
Wallooskee River
Wallowa River
Warm Springs River
Wenaha River
West Branch North Fork Siuslaw River
West Branch North Fork Smith River
West Fork Burnt River
West Fork Hood River
West Fork Illinois River
West Fork Little Pudding River
West Fork Marys River
West Fork Millicoma River
West Fork North Fork Wilson River
West Fork Salmon River
West Fork Salmon River
West Fork Silvies River
West Fork Smith River
West Fork Wallowa River
West Little Owyhee River
West Prong Little Walla Walla River
White River
Whitewater River
Willamette River
Williams River
Williamson River
Wilson River
Winchuck River
Wind River
Wood River
Yachats River
Yamhill River
Yaquina River
Youngs River
Zigzag River
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