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Montana Rivers


River Name Length (miles)
Beaverhead River
Belly River
Big Hole River
Bighorn River
Bighorn River
Bitterroot River
Blackfoot River
Boulder River
Boulder River
Bozeman Fork Musselshell River
Broadwater River
Bull River
Burnt Fork Bitterroot River
Clarks Fork Yellowstone River
Clearwater River
Dearborn River
Dry Fork Marias River
Dry Fork Milk River
Dry Fork Musselshell River
Dry Fork North Fork Blackfoot River
East Boulder River
East Fork Big Muddy River (historical)
East Fork Bitterroot River
East Fork Boulder River
East Fork Bull River
East Fork Little Powder River
East Fork North Fork Blackfoot River
East Fork North Fork Teton River
East Fork Poplar River
East Fork Ruby River
East Fork West Boulder River
East Fork Yaak River
East Gallatin River
Elk River
Fisher River
Flathead River
Gallatin River
Gallatin River
Gardner River
Jefferson River
Jocko River
Judith River
Little Bighorn River
Little Bitterroot River
Little Blackfoot River
Little Boulder River
Little Elk River
Little Powder River
Little Thompson River
Lost River
Madison River
Marias River
Middle Fork Bull River
Middle Fork Dearborn River
Middle Fork Dry Fork Marias River
Middle Fork Flathead River
Middle Fork Jocko River
Middle Fork Judith River
Middle Fork Milk River
Middle Fork North Fork Teton River
Middle Fork Poplar River
Middle Fork West Fork Gallatin River
Milk River
Mokowanis River
Musselshell River
North Fork Belly River
North Fork Big Hole River
North Fork Blackfoot River
North Fork Bull River
North Fork Dry Fork Marias River
North Fork Flathead River
North Fork Jocko River
North Fork Little Boulder River
North Fork Little Thompson River
North Fork Milk River
North Fork Musselshell River
North Fork Smith River
North Fork Sun River
North Fork Teton River
North Fork West Fork Gallating River
Old Channel Middle Fork Milk River
Pleasant Valley Fisher River
Poplar River
Powder River
Red River
Red Rock River
Redwater River
Rivers Creek
Riverside Creek
Roe River
Ruby River
Sacagawea River
Saint Mary River
Saint Regis River
Shields River
Silver Butte Fisher River
Smith River
South Boulder River
South Fork Boulder River
South Fork Bull River
South Fork Dearborn River
South Fork Dry Fork Marias River
South Fork Flathead River
South Fork Jocko River
South Fork Judith River
South Fork Lost Fork Judith River
South Fork Madison River
South Fork Milk River
South Fork Musselshell River
South Fork Shields River
South Fork Smith River
South Fork South Fork Teton River
South Fork Sun River
South Fork Teton River
South Fork Two Medicine River
South Fork West Fork Gallatin River
South Fork White River
South Fork Yaak River
Spotted Bear River
Stillwater River
Stillwater River
Sun River
Swan River
Swan River
Teton River
Thompson River
Tobacco River
Tongue River
Two Medicine River
Vermilion River
Waterton River
West Boulder River
West Fork Bitterroot River
West Fork Boulder River
West Fork Clearwater River
West Fork Gallatin River
West Fork Little Bighorn River
West Fork Madison River
West Fork North Fork Teton River
West Fork Poplar River
West Fork Ruby River
West Fork South Fork Sun River
West Fork Stillwater River
West Fork Thompson River
West Fork West Boulder River
West Fork Yaak River
West Prong Dearborn River
White River
Whitefish River
Wigwam River
Wise River
Yaak River
Yellowstone River
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