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Texas Rivers


River Name Length (miles)
Angelina River 120 Miles
Aransas River
Atascosa River
Attoyac River
Blanco River
Bosque River 115 Miles
Brazos River 1,280 Miles
Clear Fork Trinity River
Colorado River (Texas) 862 Miles
Comal River
Concho River
Cowleech Fork Sabine River
Delaware River
Devils River
Devils River
Double Mountain Fork Brazos River
Dry Devils River
Dry Devils River
Dry Fork Little Wichita River
Dry Fork Washita River
Dry Frio River
Dry Llano River
East Bosque River
East Fork Angelina River
East Fork Little Wichita River
East Fork San Jacinto River
East Fork Trinity River
East Frio River 200 Miles
East Navidad River
East Prong Nueces River
East Prong Old River
Elm Fork Trinity River
Frio River 200 Miles
Green River
Guadalupe River 230 Miles
James River 36 Miles
Lampasas River 75 Miles
Lavaca River 115 Miles
Leon River 185 Miles
Leona River
Little Blanco River
Little Brazos River
Little Devils River
Little Llano River
Little Red River
Little River 75 Miles
Little San Bernard River
Little Wichita River
Llano River 105 Miles
Lost River
Medina River
Middle Bosque River
Middle Concho River
Middle Fork Leon River
Middle Fork Little Wichita River
Middle Fork San Gabriel River
Middle Fork Wichita River
Middle Pease River
Middle Sulphur River
Mission River
Navasota River
Navidad River 90 Miles
Neches River 416 Miles
New River
Nolan River 27 Miles
North Bosque River
North Concho River
North Fork Double Mountain Fork Brazos River
North Fork Guadalupe River
North Fork Lavaca River
North Fork Leon River
North Fork Little Wichita River
North Fork North Bosque River
North Fork Red River
North Fork San Gabriel River
North Guadalupe River
North Llano River
North Paluxy River
North Pease River
North Prong Atascosa River
North Prong Little Red River
North Prong Medina River
North Sulphur River
North Wichita River
Nueces River
Old Channel East Fork Trinity River
Old Channel Navasota River
Old Nueces River Channel
Old River
Old River
Old River
Old River
Old River
Old River
Old River
Old River Bayou
Old River Drain
Old Sabine River Channel
Paluxy River 29 Miles
Pease River 156 Miles
Pecos River
Pedernales River
Pile Driver Creek
Red River 1,290 Miles
Red River
Rio Grande 1,885 Miles
Rivers Creek
Russell Fork San Gabriel River
Sabana River
Sabinal River
Sabine River 575 Miles
Salt Fork Brazos River
Salt Fork Red River
San Antonio River
San Bernard River
San Gabriel River
San Jacinto River
San Marcos River
San Saba River
Second Old River
Short Prong West Frio River
South Bosque River
South Concho River
South Fork Blanco River
South Fork Guadalupe River
South Fork Leon River
South Fork Little Wichita River
South Fork North Bosque River
South Fork North Prong Medina River
South Fork Sabine River
South Fork San Gabriel River
South Fork Trinity River
South Guadalupe River
South Lampasas River
South Leon River
South Llano River
South Paluxy River
South Prong Little Red River
South Sulphur River
South Sulphur River
South Wichita River
Tongue River
Tres Palacios River
Trinity River
West Branch Colorado River
West Fork East Bosque River
West Fork Nolan River
West Fork Prairie Dog Town Fork Red River
West Fork San Jacinto River
West Fork Trinity River
West Frio River
West Navidad River
West Nueces River
West Prong Atascosa River
West Prong Lavaca River
West Prong Medina River
West Prong Old River
West Sabinal River
White River
Wichita River
Wind River
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