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Vermont Rivers


River Name Length (miles)
Barton River
Black Branch Nulhegan River
Black River
Black River
Brewster River
Browns River
Castleton River
Clarendon River
Clyde River
Coaticook River
Cold River
Dog River
East Branch Deerfield River
East Branch Missisquoi River
East Branch Missisquoi River
East Branch Moose River
East Branch North River
East Branch Nulhegan River
East Branch Passumpsic River
Fairfield River
Fall River
First Branch White River
Gihon River
Glastenbury River
Green River
Green River
Green River
Hubbardton River
Huntington River
Indian River
Johns River
La Platte River
Lamoille River
Lee River
Leicester River
Lemon Fair River
Little Lemon Fair River
Little River
Mad River
Mettawee River
Middle Branch Middlebury River
Middle Branch Williams River
Middlebury River
Mill River
Mill River
Missisquoi River
Moose River
Neshobe River
New Haven River
North Branch Black River
North Branch Cold River
North Branch Deerfield River
North Branch Hoosic River
North Branch Lamoille River
North Branch Middlebury River
North Branch Missisquoi River
North Branch Neshobe River
North Branch Nulhegan River
North Branch Ottauquechee River
North Branch Wells River
North Branch Winooski River
North Fork North Branch Lamoille River
Nulhegan River
Ompompanoosuc River
Ottauquechee River
Passumpsic River
Pherrins River
Pike River
Richelieu River
Rock River
Rock River
Saxtons River
Second Branch White River
Seymour River
Sleepers River
South Branch Deerfield River
South Branch Middlebury River
South Branch Saxtons River
South Branch Trout River
South Branch Tweed River
South Branch Waits River
South Branch Wells River
South Branch Williams River
Stevens River
Sutton River
Third Branch White River
Trout River
Tweed River
Waits River
Walloomsac River
Wells River
West Branch Deerfield River
West Branch Little River
West Branch Missisquoi River
West Branch Moose River
West Branch Ompompanoosuc River
West Branch Passumpsic River
West Branch Tweed River
West Branch White River
West River
White River
Williams River
Willoughby River
Winhall River
Winooski River
Yellow Branch Nulhegan River
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Official Site of Vermont
State Population: 626,562
Vermont Counties
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